Why are you always unbeatable!?


A mysterious object defies the law of gravity


Reveal thoughts on the water's surface!


This baffling puzzle illusion could make you lose sleep!

Hyper ESP Cards T-272
Miracle Magic Square T-273
Dream Psychometry T-274
Mentalist's Flash Cards T-275

Why are you always unbeatable!?

  1. Allow the spectator to choose both the starting positions and the winning goal on the pathway sheet. Not only are his choices made freely, you even allow him to choose four out of five starting positions for himself, leaving you with only one!
  2. Have your spectator freely arrange four maze cards, and use that maze to follow the chosen path from start to finish. The order in which he arranges the cards, and the up/down orientation of the cards is entirely chosen by the spectator. In fact, he has chosen the ending goal, the four starting points, and even the arrangement of the maze cards. Everything seems to be utterly in the favor of your spectatorc
  3. However, when you follow the pathways, all four of his chosen paths end up as losers! The only pathway that leads to the winning goal belongs to you!

Created by So Sato

A mysterious object defies the law of gravity

  1. Show the audience a thick black disk, and allow them to check that it rolls normally on the table.
  2. Write four different items onto a clear panel. While your back is turned, ask a spectator to select any one of the items by drawing a mark above it, and then to hide the mark so nobody else can see.
  3. You face front, and place the thick black disk onto the tilted clear panel.
  4. The disk begins to roll down the slope slowly, but suddenly stops at one location! Sure enough, the chosen item is located at that exact spot! You may also use this revelation to divine a selected playing card. (Provide your own deck of cards.)

Created by Hiroki Tanaka

Reveal thoughts on the water's surface!

  1. A spectator selects a card, and remembers it.
  2. Pour water into the black container.
  3. Tell your spectator to concentrate on his card. When you gently shake the water, an image of the selected card magically appears below the water's surface. The card image then slowly vanishes from sight!

Created by Higar (Satoshi Higaki)

This baffling puzzle illusion could make you lose sleep!

  1. Show your audience that the puzzle pieces fit perfectly together to create a rectangle within the frame.
  2. Add a new piece and rebuild the puzzle, yet somehow they still form exactly the same size rectangle! The puzzle still fits perfectly in the frame!
  3. Add another, even larger piece and rebuild the puzzle again. Impossibly, the puzzle still forms the same exact size rectangle, and fits perfectly within the same frame!

Created by Winston Freer
New gimmick conceived by Kenichi Komiya

Hyper ESP Cards

You can do a perfect Second Sight act while standing at a distance from the table. Many different effects are possible in addition to Second Sight, like mindreading and foretelling the future with the special cards used to test Extra Sensory Perception which have five different symbols. After you learn the special secret of these ESP cards, you'll be able to perform six piece of mental magic.

Created by Toru Suzuki and So Sato

Trick 1: X-Ray Vision
Trick 2: ESP Symbol Prediction
Trick 3: Divining a Chosen Symbol with Mind Reading
Trick 4: ESP Swindle
Trick 5: ESP Psychic
Trick 6: ESP Telekinetics

Transformation while trapped inside!
Miracle Magic Square

Ask the spectator to secretly select a random number from the sheet you display which has many different numbers printed on it. You write 16 different numbers in a grid that's printed on a piece of white cardboard. The secretly chosen number is not included in what you write. But you've actually made a magic square using the spectator's number!

Special Thanks: Harry Lorayne

Dream Psychometry

The magician displays a card with 14 different items printed on it and asks a spectator to think of one item that he strongly desires from among them. Then he brings out four different cards which each have some of the same items printed on them. The magician shows these four cards to the spectator one by one and asks him if he sees the item he's selected. He further asks the spectator to concentrate strongly on the item he's chosen. During this, the magician never sees the faces of the four cards. The magician then reads the spectator's mind and correctly divines the chosen item.

Created by Tomoyuki Shimomura

Mentalist's Flash Cards

This is a mindreading miracle with devilishly clever ideas, which is easily mastered using the special flash cardsh included. Even when knowledgeable magicians watch this trick, phrases like gthat's impossibleh automatically come out of their mouths.

Created by So Sato and Toru Suzuki